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Extreme Makeover:
Island Edition!

Bird Key Entrance! 
The Reveal! 


 Tom & Tam Olin & Family 



Some jobs are a bit more challenging.
We used a crane to lift four 2,500 pound Green Malayan Coconut Palms over
the three story roof and pool to plant in the back yard.
The crane operator  couldn't see where the trees needed to go. 
So we gave him directions with two-way radios. 

It was definitely a "Two Margarita" day!! 
(After work, of course.)

The Reveal!
"Gary and his team did an outstanding job ... bringing in the best-conditioned plants and trees possible and quickly and efficiently locating them around our property.  They took great care to keep the surroundings neat and tidy while doing their work.  Every night, after picking up trimmings, they would wash down and blow off the driveway and sidewalks.  
Gary was flexible, working with us as our plans and ideas changed.  His expertise in flora and fauna helped us create the environment that we could both manage and enjoy!!  Furthermore, his knowledge of new technology, such as the state-of-the-art underground drip lawn irrigation system that he installed helped us save on water usage ... keeping our project "green" and eco-friendly.  

His team of landscapers were always cheerful and friendly, which also made the project an enjoyable experience from our standpoint as well. 

Choosing to work with Landscapes in Paradise was a very good decision!!

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