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"Getting Personal"
In previous editions I introduced my family.  It was so popular
we decided to dedicate a permanent page of Family!!

Dad and all three of his boys taking some time To smell the Roses……Fish!!!
Left to right:
Neil, Travis, Mike, & Dad

Executive Sous Chef, Palmer House, Chicago. 
Not bad for a kid from Traverse City, Michigan working at the
"Doug Murdicks Fudge Shoppe."

Mike then accepted the position of Executive Banquet Chef for the 2,000 room
Hilton Hotel, Manhattan.


"Executive Chef"
The Saratoga Springs Hilton 

The next time you're in Saratoga Springs stop in at the Hilton for a great meal.  By all means, ask your server to see "Chef Michael" He'd get a real kick out of meeting you.


U.S.F. Tampa. Majoring in Biology.  
Neil has the worlds whitest teeth. 
But it worked against him when we played night time Hide & Seek.
I'd just tell a joke and when he smiled


Neil has completed his ACE certification and is now a licensed personal trainer.

Family.....A Truly Sweet thing.
Travis, Heather, and their 2 girls, Madison & Sydney
Oh yeah, that's Papa "G" in the background.

Auto Design Exec., General Motors, just returned from a 2 year assignment in Brazil. He was
asked to come back 1 year early to head up the interior design project for the new Corvette. I've already volunteered to Test Drive for him, at which he simply pats me on the shoulder. "O.K. Dad" ........ (I think I've got a shot!! No Really!!!!)

Travis has recently been promoted to Interior Design Manager in charge of
 North America.  The youngest ever to hold this position.
You've met my boys now here are my beautiful daughters.....


Tracy's daughter is one of my 4
beautiful Granddaughters.

Tracy was sensitive to the fact that there are no Grandson's to carry on the
Campbell name. She surprised us all by naming her beautiful daughter,
"Campbell Brown".

Please meet:
"Tracy, Campbell, and proud Papa

Tracy has been involved in several start-ups.  Two retail stores, a retail design company, and currently represents several manufactures product to the Northwest states.

She's one of Margo's "Sprouts" and part of the "Package Deal"  She may not share my
blood but she absolutely shares my heart and the hearts of all my children.
A blended family can be a tricky thing. My children showed me that it's done with
Acceptance, Love & Humor

Martine gets a lesson in how to do the Swim, or The Funky Chicken, or
The Jerk,
(That seems somehow appropriate)
Oh Hell .... It's one of those!

How is it that the Older I get, the Better I Was!!!!

Martine is living and working in "The Big Apple"


Martine is now a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor and has launched her own business in NYC

  Thank you for your continued trust in us.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you.
Please remember to Relax and
Enjoy this

"Beautiful Day in Paradise."

Caus' We're Lookin' out for Ya!!

Getting Personal
Getting Personal
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