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We're Poised & Ready!
The following will explain the services we offer:

Full Service Maintenance includes:  


        Each property will receive weekly mowing, edging of all hard surfaces and planting beds, and string trimming of
any areas that cannot be cut by mowers.  We will be on property 51 weeks a year, weather permitting.  

        We provide a paid holiday for all of our employee's on the week between Christmas an New Year's. 

        Each property is selectively pruned with every visit.  My experience has proven the value of trimming lightly but often against trimming a heavily 3 or 4 times a year.  Each plant will receive the proper amount of trimming to achieve and maintain a natural look and a healthy plant.
This results in a much tighter and groomed look for your property.

Palms & Trees:  
      Fallen palm fronds will be removed. Palms that
can be reached with a pole saw, while standing firmly on the ground, will be trimmed regularly.  Trees will have the branches cut to 6' above the ground to form a proper canopy.

        All debris will be thoroughly cleaned up and removed with every visit.

        Flowering plants such as Hibiscus, Gardenia, and Alamanda will be trimmed by hand to allow for maximum budding.  All trimming will be done to maintain a natural look rather than a "Boxed" look. However, those who wish their plants to have a "Structured" look will have their request honored.

        Once a year, typically in July/August, there will be a major "Cut-Back" of many flowering shrubs.  This is done to keep the plants from becoming leggy and provides enough time for the plants to be in bloom again before the holidays.

        Other plants such as Oleander will be cut back in the spring so they all summer to fill in be in bloom for the season.

Chemical Services
    Turf will receive fertilizer applications in compliance with the Sarasota County Ordinances.
    Shrubs will receive a minimum of 3 applications of a balanced formulation fertilizer.

        Palms & Fruit Trees will receive a minimum of 3 applications of a balanced formulation fertilizer.

        Applications of chemicals to control weeds, insects, and fungi will be made, as needed, with no limits.

        Planting beds will receive regular post and pre-emergence applications of herbicide to maintain an acceptable control of weeds.

        All applied chemicals are approved by the EPA and the State of Florida.

Fertilizer applications will comply with all State, County, and Local regulations.
Any changes to the proposed schedule, due to any imposed regulation (s), will be brought to your attention.

     Please click on "Going Green", in the menu bar above, to see information on our Organic Feeding Program.

andscape Design
    We're happy to visit with you on your property to discuss new  or replacement landscaping.  There is no charge for this service and we can install the new landscaping on your schedule.

Landscape Installation:  
     This is the most creative and, I must admit, the most gratifying part of our business.  When I first studied the market, I found that most properties had the same handful of plants as the house next door.  The only difference was that they were in a different location!
     I vowed right then to provide my clients with truly unique gardens that would stand apart from their neighbors.  I continue to invest hundreds of hours each year researching new and inventive designs and locating unusual plants and palms for my next projects.  This investment of my time and energy hasn't gone un-noticed.  I've been asked to redesign landscaping for such high end properties as the entrance to Bird Key, The Westchester Condominiums, La Playa Resort, and The Wicker Inn.  We have also provided many homeowners with new and exciting projects that have added great value to their homes.

     Please take time to review a few of our projects on the following pages.

Thank you

We're lookin' out for ya!!!


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