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Working "Smarter"  Not  "Harder."


        Each new person is hired under a 90 day probationary period while they're trained in the way we expect our work to be done.  Regardless of how much "Experience" they have they must go through the same training.  

        Kind of my version of "My way or the Highway" I suppose.

        Drawing on my experience in business management and the time I've  invested in studying this industry, I put together a method of daily operations that all employees must abide by.

        There's an established "Company Policy" manual which I use to train everyone.  This covers the manner in which I expect everyone to act, dress, and treat our clients.  From this they learn the definition of "Esprit De Corps".  

                                                      Pride in what they do:  
                                   Pride in the way they conduct themselves:  
                                         Pride in the company they work for:

        This manual must be studied and signed by each employee by the end of the probationary period.  I've also put together a manual that spells out the most efficient way of providing a quality service to our properties serviced each week.

                                    This is called our: "10 Point Program
                     ( We'd let you read this, but then we'd have to have you followed )

        Each employee learns the most efficient way to
provide a high level of service.  Daily efficiency is critical.  I even go so far as to set up each crews route so they always make "Right Turns".  It may seem trivial until you try to turn left from one of the side streets on Longboat Key with a big truck or pulling a trailer on to the Gulf of Mexico Drive during season.                                                                                     

 Company Policies

         As a new employee, you are required to go through a four (4) week training program. This training will include the safe operation or all types of equipment you will be expected to use. All new employees are hired under a 90 day probationary period. The company reserves the right to dismiss you, at our discretion, during the probationary period.

        You will be provided with a copy of the Company Policies and a copy of our 10 Point Maintenance Program. Using this 10 Point Program is one reason our company is growing. You must study this program carefully and we will expect you to follow those directions. Adhering to this program is required.

        Please read through the policies carefully and ask any questions you may have. A signature confirming that you've read and understand all policies will be required.


        Trucks are to leave the shop no later than 7:15 AM and you are not to leave the job site before 4:00 PM. This will get you back to the shop by 4:30 PM. Leaving the job site earlier than 4:00 PM will not be tolerated.  


        We expect you to arrive ready to work every day. Stopping after you have left the shop for breakfast or drinks is not tolerated. Lunches are to be brought to work each day and are to be eaten at the job site. Lunch break is not to be longer than 1 hour. Do not loiter on clients property during lunch. Remove any food and bags from your trucks daily.


        Do NOT start any power equipment before 8:00 A.M.


        You are to be in proper uniform at all times. The company provides you with shirts and hats at no charge. Laundry is the employee’s responsibility.  If you wear a hat, it’s to be a company hat ONLY. Long pants or shorts must be a solid color of tan, blue, or black. Appropriate footwear must be worn daily. You are never to work without a shirt.

        There are NO exceptions to this. The appearance of our trucks and employees is a matter great pride to us.  It's been a major reason for many of our clients’ decision to hire us.  Take pride in the way you dress and how we present ourselves as a company.


        Safety equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, kidney belts, safety vest, and ear plugs are provided at no cost to the employee. Maintenance of these items is the employee’s responsibility.  Replacement due to loss or misuse will be charged to the employee.  Any safety equipment checked out must be worn daily.


Take great care with our equipment.  Much of the damage is due to equipment bouncing around in the truck or trailer. Bring any damage to the attention of management immediately. We can't fix it if we don’t know it’s broken.


        Please report any damage to customers’ property immediately.  We know accidents happen.  You will not be fired for making a mistake, so long as you bring
it to our attention immediately.


        If it begins to rain heavily during the work day, you are to return to your truck and contact the office by radio immediately. You are to wait a minimum of one (1) hour before leaving.  You are NOT to leave without approval from management.



        We offer each employee five (5) personal days and five (5) additional vacation days for the week between Christmas and New Years.  In addition to this we observe the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of  July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after.  This is a total of three (3) weeks paid time off every year.

        On the week of a holiday, we will not do pruning. This will help us to stay on schedule.

        You must provide 24 hours advance notice for a day off to qualify as a paid “Personal” day.  This requirement may be waived for sickness or family emergencies at the company's discretion.  Proper documentation for a sick day will be required for that time off to qualify as a paid day.  If you miss a day without this advance notice or documentation, you will not be paid for that day.  If you require more than one day off, you must request this time a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to your vacation. Two employees may not take their vacation in the same week.  No vacations will be approved in June, July, or August.


        Drug screening prior to employment will be the prerogative of the company.  The company reserves the right to request any employee to submit to a drug test at any time, without notice. 

No drugs or alcohol are to be manufactured, consumed, sold, carried, or distributed while under our employ. This is a zero tolerance policy. Breaking these rules will result in immediate dismissal.


        Your team must spend a minimum of thirty (30) minutes servicing each residential property.  Many properties will require more than thirty (30) minutes.

        Your time on each property, your daily travel, and speed driven is being tracked by a GPS program and reviewed weekly.
        The cost of fuel is a major expense and we will NOT tolerate unnecessary travel.

12. PRIDE: 

Take pride in your work, your appearance, and how your properties look.  Always act in a professional manner.  If a customer asks a question PLEASE give them a business card and ask them to call the office so that we can be aware of their needs and schedule the work.
                                        We only aspire to achieve one goal: 
                                   To be the best company in our market.

        We ask you is to do a quality job every day, follow the company policies, and take pride in your appearance.  Treat our trucks, equipment, and especially our clients with respect.  If you'll do this for us, you’ll have a job with us as long as you want.   

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