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Look at those "Cool" Trucks!!

    If you're going to offer the most unique service, it only makes sense to provide our people with the most unique trucks.  Our trucks are equipped with the latest in high-tech equipment.  This allows our crews to address most any issue that might come up.
y goal was to have our trucks instantly recognizable.  I set out to find the best "Airbrush Artist" I could find.  That search brought us to Chester, the owner of Custom World in Tampa.

    Chester is an award winning artist and he zeroed in on our ideas instantly.  I told Chester that I was looking for a tropical and slightly whimsical presence.  He said he would give it some thought and I headed for home.  I only made it 5 miles away when Chester was on the phone.  He said "I've got it!  Cheeseburgers in Paradise ... Landscapes in Paradise ... A Jimmy Buffet theme!"  It just so happened that Chester painted a van for Jimmy many years earlier.  In fact, the sunglass wearing, Margarita  drinking parrot in the tropical shirt is the exact parrot Chester first designed for Jimmy's van. 
We were on our way!! 

    Each truck is totally airbrushed by hand and each is a little different from the other.  If you have an opportunity, walk up close and look at the detail Chester puts into every piece of art.

    This turned out to be one of the best business decisions I've ever made.  These trucks reflect the casual tropical lifestyle we enjoy on the islands.  Almost every call I get for new service starts out "I saw your Trucks".....

    These trucks represent our commitment to quality.  I'm very proud of this business and I'm equally grateful for having such a  beautiful area to live and to do business.

    One client and friend recently said, while introducing me at a Longboat Key Garden Club meeting;
"When I see those trucks drive just makes me Smile."  

 Now tell me.....How great is that?

  Our latest Creation in progress.

      The Boss's the new ride!

Now..Before you set your opinion, it's just like I tell my guys.

I'm Not just a "Pretty Face!!"

This truck is being set up as a mobile "Command Center."

It's equipped with the latest in high tech equipment.

1. Computer with Internet access.

2. GPS tracking and travel reporting on all of our work vehicles.

3. Printer / Scanner / Copy Machine

4. Mobile Fax Capabilities

5. We can now provide instant Proposals, Invoices, Photos, Research Materials, and all while I'm parked at your curb.

Don't Worry.....
Be Happy!!

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